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Timeless inspiration

Renew. Research. Find solutions.
Passion. Creativity. Experience.
A great respect for tradition. 

Our History


1949_First generation
Angelo Ferro establishes the upholstering sofa business with great enthusiasm of the post-war era, during the beginning of Bel Design and when Made in Italy began to assert itself.
1972_Second generation
Angelo Ferro leaves the business to his sons and to each one the direction of various divisions. This is how Fratelli Ferro is born and when the first models and first catalogues are produced. In a short time, the market influence of Fratelli Ferro moves from nears towns, to regions, to the national sphere. Eventually, during the full advancement of the Made in Italy, the entire process of production becomes more industrialized. 
2014_Third generation
We have renewed our business, we are in a process of renovation and reorganization while continuing to carry forward the work that previous generations have taught us: to conceive forms and structures that are comfortable and functional, and to pay careful attention to how materials are cut and sewn in order to render both beautiful. Our production research makes use of the best expertise available in the market, finds solutions through qualified experience, and entails careful selection of materials which attain their most perfect form through each phase of the entire production process. The passion and creativity that goes into the making of each one of our products are the same as always.




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